How to download

Instructions how to download a hack at Hackgames247. Follow these step by step, you will be easy to get what you want

1. Click the DownloadNow button at the end of each post. You will be redirected to the gripfile page. It looks like


2. Click on BeginDownload button, a list of surveys will appear, click on one survey and do it.

how to download in hackgames247

how to download in hackgames247

You will be only redirected to the page where you can download if you complete at lease one survey. It will  take about 1,2 minutes.

3. Click Download button, your download will start after a few seconds. Now you can enjoy with the file.



Files can be downloaded on are checked carefully will many antivirus softwares.

“Complete a survey” is used to justify you a human, not a bot. The profit of surveys help us pay the server cost and develop other hack softwares. The surveys are very quick and easy to do.  Here are some hints to complete them:

  • Using a new mail if the survey require. Using your mobile phone number if the survey require.
  • Disable Popup blockers.
  • Checking your brower is set to accept cookies.
  • Clear cookies before starting a survey group

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    Thanks! Really help me

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    A tutorial very meticulous , sophisticated , thanks!

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    smile faceI applied and be success

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    I love this helpful section. It helped me to unlock

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